AdSense Challenge – Part 2

December 14, 2010 , 23 Comments

In part one of the AdSense challenge, we picked keywords and created some initial content on a new site. Now, it’s time we get Google to notice us and start promoting the site.

Before I get to the tasks for the second part of the challenge, a quick note on my own progress:


For now, I will not reveal my site or my keywords. Usually, the reason to keep these things secret is to keep competition away from the keywords we so carefully picked. And that’s a very valid reason.

However, for the challenge, I do intend to reveal at least one of the sites I’m building and promoting. I think it could be very useful to present an actual, live and working model of what we’re building here. Make the whole thing a little less conceptual and a bit more practical.

So why not reveal it right away? There’s just one simple reason for that: I don’t want the traffic stats to be skewed. If I publish a site here, it will probably get a few hundred visitors in the course of a few days (particularly because everyone on the AdSense mailing list would be sent here as well). In other words: I’d get far more traffic through this exposure than I’d be getting “real” traffic. This would mess up the CTR data in a big way. That’s why I want to wait for a few weeks, until I get an idea of how the site is doing on it’s own, before I throw the monkey-wrench into the stats.

With that out of the way, let’s get down to…

Objective number one for this step, is to get noticed by Google. Ideally, we want to get the site indexed, then add more pages so that Google sees a growing site, the next time it comes by. Does this actually make a difference? I don’t know, but I figure it can’t hurt.


Indexation Blast.
Go to the IM Talk Website Submitter and run your domain through there. This will, theoretically, add your site to more than 2500 stats and analytics type sites. In reality, most of these submissions either won’t work or won’t provide an actual backlink. Not to worry, though. You’ll still end up with a few hundred actual (low-value) backlinks that won’t do much for your rankings but virtually guarantee that the Google bots come by very soon.


Pick first focus keyword.
Now, let’s start promoting the site. Pick one keyword out of your keyword group, that you want to rank for, first. I like to simply pick the easiest one (i.e. the least competitive one) and gradually work my way up from there. The idea is to focus all your promotion efforts on that one keyword until it’s ranked in one of the top 3 spots in Google, then move on to the next one.


Create more content.
Create a piece of content on your site, optimized for the focus keyword (or just pick one of the already created pages). Then, create a simple blog post with some more content and just one purpose: An internal link to the post or page you want to rank, with your target keyword as the anchor text. This is what I call a “supporting page”.


Use whatever backlinking systems you like to use to start getting some inbound links to your target page. Put in one solid, focused hour of link-building effort (yes, that’s all for now)

Don’t have a preferred backlinking system? Start by signing up to the free version of OnlyWire, to get some social bookmarking done. Write an article and post it to Ezinearticles and GoArticles. Add a link to your forum signature, if you’re active on any marketing forums.

Time: One week (7 days) for all the steps above.

As always, you are more than welcome to out-do me with your efforts.


About ​Shane Melaugh

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  • Hi Shane,

    You’re making the challenge too easy. Already creating content and using Backlink Battleplan to get the backlinks going. Already have one official backlink.

    Also, the site has already earned $5.10 after less than a week.

    So far I’m liking what I see from the Adsense 100k Blueprint.

    • Woah, you’re crazy far ahead of me!
      Ok, I’ll have to step things up for the next update, then. :)

  • Hey Shane and hey my fellow adsense competitors,

    My plan to enter the competition with an adsense site for the German market using these peculiar German letters called “Umlaute” (e.g. ü, ö, ä) turned out to be a pretty bad idea – no wonder it was easy to get that domain http://schlüsseldienstmü :-)

    Most of the free social bookmarking services and rss submitters that usually work so well are pretty useless as they don´t seem to work with the actual domain. I investigated a little deeper and found out that other German marketers before me had encountered the same problems and are all advising against the usage of these kind of domains – I guess that attempt of mine will have to be stored in the “bad experience I learn from” cabinet.

    Now, I´ve not completely given up and I still do some backlinking work on the site but I will also hurry to get myself a viable niche in the English speaking market so that I can still compete with all of you.

    All the best to all of you and let´s get this working!


    • ah, too bad!
      Still, if the keyword group was good, you can snatch up another umlaut-less domain and use that, right?

  • Hi Shane,

    You are really making this challenge a solid deal of fun and excitement.

    What I really like about it is – now there is no excuse of not accomplishing things when others are really making visible results.

    Thanks again.. i gotta push harder here before i get left behind.


    • Thanks, Jay. It helps me too, when I see other’s going strong. Much more fun than plodding along on your own, right?

  • I’ve set up 2 sites for this chalange a few days ago. 1 with the 100k theme. Other my own them.
    Lot’s of competition for both keywords.
    Can’t find both sites in Google in the top 100 at the moment.
    I’ll start with the indexation blast. And build some content.
    I’m also testing backlink strategies on both sites to see what does work (best).


    • Cool! Love the experimental approach you’ve got going. :)

  • Hi Shane,

    This is Brilliant. Not only are you setting a challenge to everybody involved, you are also laying out the actual steps they need to follow to success..

    It is such a pleasure to be involved in this challenge as well as being within your list of close followers.

    To our success..


    • Hey Chris, glad to have you “on board” for the challenge. :)

  • My site is up, running and indexed. Now for the backlinking……. :) I think the challenge is a great motivator Shane – great idea!


  • This is brilliant. Thank you for doing this Shane. I did the 90 day challenge a few months ago (part of market samurai) and although the content was good there is nothing better than following an actual live example. Learning is good but action is the only thing that gets results. This is the kind of motivation I need. I am so glad I purchased your battle link plan a while ago and can now be part of this challenge. I have set up a new site but it isn’t indexed yet so I shall have a go at your IM Talk Website Submitter so see what happens.

    Also I am so glad you are not telling us your site name (yet) – that is one thing that makes me cross with other “marketers” – of course their site has loads of traffic – they tell everybody about it and of course we all look it up……

    • Thanks for your comment!

      IM Talk submitter sure did it’s job for my site. The site didn’t exist up until a few days and the few pages it has are already indexed and cached in Google.

  • Hi Shane,

    Its Great to have be on board for the challenge. I have already finished the keyword research. Got the site up and running. Will be adding couple of articles once it is indexed and then promote it through the backlink battleplan. I think the adsense 100k blueprint fits quite naturally with backlink battleplan.

    It would be great to see if this method can be repeatable and successful over and over again as shown in the program. Cautiously excited about this.



    • Great to have you on board!
      I don’t doubt that the method is repeatable and works. Although this is the first time I’m creating AdSense sites, I know from experience that building and monetizing sites is something very replicable indeed.

  • I have a site up and it is indexed. Today I had a look at rankings (OK, it was more pure curiosity, not that I would have expected anything really :) ), and found that I am ranked in Bing (well, ahem, not Google…) on #5 for it.

    Started with backlinks from two articles and some blog comments this week.


  • Unfortunately I cannot do the challenge but I am following it because I am promoting 41 websites, however I am writing down all the steps for the upcoming project. I am a newbie not a seasoned marketer and I decided to get wet though I was not a swimmer, my experience is that I learn from my errors, though it may not be the proper way to do internet marketing, a very costly way, but to me is like an adventure. A few weeks I did something to improve traffic, just pert of my routine work, though I did not expect it to be that good, I was watching my stats and found some of my sites were pulling good traffic and I went to check the reason and found this little task which I performed for 3 or 4 websites most probably is the reason, so I decided to implement it to all the other websites. Though at the beginning of my project I would be frustrated because traffic was like a big problem, I have learnt now to drive traffic by combining several methods and continue to experiment.

    On the subject that google changes the ranking of the pages, I have the same problem and it is due to my lack of experience at the beginning. I did buy a site that its main keyword has millions of monthly searches not a small niche. Google tends to send me traffic based on a variety of keywords and that is because the niche is very big. Though after starting to learn internet marketing, I found that I made a mistake because the main keyword is not very specific, however, it is like a big fishing net, that can capture different variety of fish, it may not reach high ranking soon but probably later, it is like long term investment that you need to take care of it for a long time to flourish, the traffic is improving but at slower pace.

    • 41 sites? Wow… tough to promote them all at once, though. At least, I’d imagine. I’ve never worked on that many sites at once.
      I really like your learning-by-doing approach, by the way. If you keep at it, I predict you’ll be ridiculously successful pretty soon. :)

  • Hi Shane
    I am just catching up with this Adsense challenge process – just wondering where Part 1 is please? Has it been deleted from this site or can you direct me to it?

  • Hi Shane,

    First post in the Adsense Challenge realm mainly due winding down a semester and getting my first site up and going.

    In the first week after “IDing” the KW group, site was installed, first pages and post added (five total), indexed (took about 36 hours), added four more support posts, did some link-building via SocialAdr & Synnd, Set-up FriendFeed and imported site, now prepping task document to outsource first set of articles for directories (my first time outsourcing; this should be interesting).

    Rather than following the Adsense BP link building plan to the letter, I am integrating BLBP as well. One thing I am considering next is a Web 2.0-type link-wheel as outlined in the BP (though I wonder if too early).

    As of yesterday, all pages/posts were indexed and I am adding a supporting post per day which will continue for the foreseeable future. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

    Best always,

    Jim H.

    PS – I am trying diligently not to check the SERPs for the target KWs yet, though I am watching for SE activity via WP Stats.

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