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WP Syndicator is a WordPress plugin which, you guessed it, syndicates your content. What does that mean, in practice? The plugin takes an excerpt of a new post, adds a “read more” link and publishes that on several free blogging platforms like Blogger.com and tumblr.com. It also sends tweets to twitter and other micro-blogging platforms. The end-effect of this is that you can instantly build a bunch of backlinks to each new post you create and also get some decent click-through traffic (depending on how active and involved you are on twitter and the other micro-blogging services). This review features two videos detailing the plugin and one heck of a good reason why you should get it.



Name: WPSyndicator
Creator: Andy Fletcher
Medium: WordPress Plugin
Price: $9.70*


*This is part of the big reason you should get this plugin right now.

The other part is that all the profits made from selling this plugin during the limited time it’s being offered for just $9.70 (regular price: $47) are being donated to asthma research. So, not only is this a great deal, it’s also for a good cause!



I made two different videos about the WPSyndicator plugin. The first one is basically a sales-video for the plugin that I made to straight-up promote it (by the way: affiliates don’t get a cut on this. ALL the profits go to charity). While I don’t usually post anything with a sales-angle here, the video can still help you understand exactly what this tool does:


The second video is simply a demonstration of how to install the plugin, how to syndicate a post and I also show you the results on a few of the sites, so you can see what exactly the Syndicator sends out:


The plugin does what it says on the box: It syndicates your posts, creating backlinks automatically. It does take a little time to set it up with all of the different accounts, but once that's done, it really is a one-click solution. Bottom line: It's probably the easiest way I've ever seen, for buidling a handful of backlinks and giving a small "SEO boost" to each one of your posts. The low price and charity donations will end in the third week of July, so get in on this right now and help a good cause: Get The Plugin Here. Cheers,


I'm Shane Melaugh and I'm the guy writing most of the posts on this blog. My goal is to provide you with useful, straight-forward insights on how to grow your business by creating compelling offers, driving traffic and increasing conversions.

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Alexander - January 17, 2011

I am so sorry I didn’t get this info in July… But still, after viewing a few video reviews on Youtube including yours, I am pretty sure I need this tool in my “SEO toolbox”.

Thanks for the review Shane!

Alexander - January 17, 2011

BTW, Shane here is a link to very detailed review of the WP Syndicator plugin on Youtube to replace the broken one in the post:


It is 14 min long video from Matt Garrett.

Robert - November 6, 2011

All your links on this page to the WP Synidicator plugin no longer work! Is the plugin still available from you at $9.70 and are proceeds still going to charity?


TJ - December 20, 2011

Hey Shane,

With all the changes at Google and their crackdown on duplicate content, what are your current thoughts on using a tool like WP Syndicator? Are the few sentences of duplicate content generated by WP Syndicator a problem in your opinion? I’m currently following your Backlink Battleplan and doing my syndication manually and this plugin would certainly simplify things.

I’ve contacted the creator of the plugin about adding a preview & edit screen so we can customize the excerpt prior to submission if we want, but I’ve not heard back from him.

I would very much appreciate your input on this issue.



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