Podcast Episode 8: Sunil on Business Growth and Mindset

In today’s podcast episode, our guest is Sunil from the Extra Money Blog.

Sunil has a perspective on online businesses and passive income that’s quite different from the “mainstream” if it can be called that. In the interview, he explains his views on growing and nurturing income sources slowly, but steadily. We also talk about his niche sites and how he makes them Google-slap-proof and he shares his unique insights regarding motivation and drive, to see large projects through to the end.

Listen to the podcast episode below.

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Sunil has offered to follow up on this interview, so if you have any questions or feedback for him, please leave a comment below!

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I'm Shane Melaugh and I'm the guy writing most of the posts on this blog. My goal is to provide you with useful, straight-forward insights on how to grow your business by creating compelling offers, driving traffic and increasing conversions.

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Adrienne - October 26, 2012

Thanks, Shane, for providing this useful content! I love these reminders. It is so easy to forget these details about keeping your eyes on the prize and not being desperate when you’re working from the comfort of your own home with little outside contact. OK. Now I’m ready to buckle down and move on to my next goal! :)

Howard Harkness - October 27, 2012

One comment on “life is long.”

I’m in the Autumn of my life. Retirement is staring me in the face, and I don’t have a retirement next egg anymore. It was wiped out by misfortune in 2002-2006. I’ve done better since then, but I definitely need some passive income if I want to avoid living on cat food in the relatively near future.

Oh, and I am currently “unemployed.” Actually, I’m self-employed, but one of the interesting things about being “unemployed” is that it’s still possible to get credit!

    Sunil @ Extra Money Blog - October 27, 2012

    everything is relative Howard isn’t it. given your situation, I am not sure I’d recommend the passive income route. perhaps trading in your time for money is a better course of action? that said, ensure you get the maximum dollar for your hour. the difference between the high dollar and your cost of living can be utilized to purchase income producing assets that generate passive income.

    personal finance and entrepreneurship are NOT mutually exclusive.


      Howard Harkness - October 28, 2012

      Well, I’m still working freelance, and earning fairly good rates. It’s just that I don’t have time to build back my nest egg that way, and I may not be able to work at the current level more than another few years.

      Passive income is the best income. I’ve got some going now, just not enough. And socialist security isn’t going to be enough either.

      I have some ideas for some digital products (for details, you are more than welcome to subscribe to my newsletter or read the archives) which I hope will generate enough income that I can spend my last years in relative comfort.

Ian McConnell - October 27, 2012

Thanks guys I enjoyed this podcast.

The comment Sunil made about life being long was very interesting and made me think… I’m guilty of trying to force the flow when I don’t feel like working. I might try your suggestion about going to watch a movie and then trying again.

Ian McConnell
Western Australia

Sunil @ Extra Money Blog - October 27, 2012

think about how much damage you are inadvertently causing when you force yourself to do things Ian? not only to yourself, but also those around you. too much pressure on yourself for what?

Max - October 28, 2012

Hi Shane
A very interesting point of view, certainly different from a lot of gurus. Thanks for providing this informative and interesting podcast. I will definitely listen to it again. For me it further intrenched the need to not totally rely on google for traffic and that internet marketing is not the quick buck way to go some guru black hat gurus portray it to be. But you can make a more than decent living if you 1. keep learning, 2.stay focused, 3. follow a good mentor, 4. never give up. Thanks again Shane.
Best Regards

    Sunil @ Extra Money Blog - October 28, 2012

    I think most Gurus out there cater to those who are willing to put all else on hold and focus just on their material/teachings. the reality is, most people work for a paycheck and have limited time. a lot of the messages simply do not resonate with this group, often leaving them frustrated and feeling dejected

Georgios - October 29, 2012


This was a great podcast and I really appreciate you (and Shane as well) focusing on presenting “reality” which is so rare in this particular industry. I mean who tells people to focus on hourly work as opposed to internet marketing if they need quick cash. That alone in my opinion reflects the honesty of what is being presented here.

I see on your blog and free report which I downloaded that for quick cash you also recommend taking paid surveys. Do you feel that is still a viable quick term, small extra money solution for many people or would that information need to be updated considering how quickly things are changing? I realize there is a book you have written on the topic which is why I am also asking.

    Sunil @ Extra Money Blog - October 29, 2012

    each of us needs to step back and evaluate big picture. what is the objective?
    for quick cash, surveys definitely work, but you are trading hours for small dollars. nothing has changed there.

    if you want a longer term business, the methodology in my free report still works today. it’s fundamentally how a small owner operated online business should really be built.

    would be happy to answer any other questions

Adrian - October 30, 2012

MP3 deleted? File not found…

Carolyn McAuliffe - October 31, 2012

Great job of finding a good speaker. Sunil gave a lot of good advice to follow and made a lot of sense. Its refreshing to hear someone talk sensible.
Will need to replay a couple of times to get all the gems that Sunil gave.



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