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We all know that we’re supposed to build links in order to get our pages ranking well in the Google results. But how exactly are we supposed to build those links? Of course, you can simply point every link you place in an article resource box, video description or on a bookmarking site at the same page. But there are some slightly more sophisticated strategies that allow you to get a lot more out of your link building efforts.
In this article and the accompanying videos, you’ll learn the basics about link wheels and link pyramids and I also show you the best (free) tool you can use to keep track of your backlink network.

bubbly Way to Keep Track of Your Link Network

This first video introduces you to bubbl.us, a free and easy to use online application that is actually meant for making mind-maps. It just so happens that it’s also extremely useful for keeping track of large link networks.

Growing Sites vs. Minisites

The second video is about the difference between growing sites (authority sites) and minisites. Distinguishing between these two is essential to how you set up your entire backlinking campaign.

Link Wheels

In this video, I explained what a link-wheel is, why it’s supposed to be good for backlink value and why I don’t believe that and therefore never build link- wheels.

Link Pyramids

In the video below, I talk about two different types of link pyramids: One of them is simply a way of categorizing links and the other is a link-building method that you can apply to your website promotion.

I hope you enjoyed these videos and would love to hear some feedback from you. If you have any further questions regarding link building strategies, please let me know. I would love to expand the video series to include some more strategies as well as answers to commonly asked questions.




I'm Shane Melaugh and I'm the guy writing most of the posts on this blog. My goal is to provide you with useful, straight-forward insights on how to grow your business by creating compelling offers, driving traffic and increasing conversions.

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Jason - January 6, 2010

Great post! I’ve been watching your review videos on some things I am interested in and will continue to read this entire blog. In regards to your computer equipment reviews do you have a website for that?

Thanks for telling things the way they are!

    Shane - January 6, 2010

    I don’t usually cross-promote, but since I mentioned the hardware thing in one of the videos, I’ll make an exception: Here’s my hw youtube channel. The videos that have an “EN” at the beginning of the title are the english ones.


Aaron - January 8, 2010

Nice post! Some good info in there.

    Shane - January 8, 2010

    Thanks Aaron!
    Build some link-pyramids and watch your pages climb in the rankings. :D

      amr - March 3, 2011

      can you upload this videos again because i want to learn about link pyramid …
      and i want to know in your opinion are link wheel is best than link pyramid .. ? or what’s ? and what’s strategy i take to promote some product ?


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