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Here’s another video I made after a reader made a suggestion to me. Someone recommended the SEO Quake Firefox plugin and asked me if I could make a video about it. I took some time to play around with the tool and liked it quite a bit. Here’s the video I ended up making:

The plugin is mainly a website analysis tool, although it comes with a few features that go beyond that. While I always try to show both sides of a story, I can’t really find anything to complain about with SEO Quake. It’s fast and functional, you can easily deactivate it an re-activate it (so it’s data and toolbar doesn’t annoy you during regular surfing) and it’s completely free.

If you don’t have a program for analyzing websites yet, I recommend you hop over to the SEO Quake homepage and give this one a try.



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Chuck - January 6, 2010

I love Quake. One thing that I had happen while placing Amazon code in a post or pages, the Quake code would insert itself in the post! I turned off the header display and just use the SERPS bar and have not had any problems. Wondering if anyone else has had the same thing happen??

    Shane - January 6, 2010

    Yep, great little tool. I don’t know about it interfering with input fields, because I keep it turned off 90% of the time. For normal surfing, I find that the info it displays can be annoying. When I want to research a keyword or site, I activate SEOquake, take a look and then turn it off again. That’s actually something I really like about it: That you can toggle it with just one click.

    Thanks for dropping in and commenting, by the way!


Chuck - January 6, 2010

That’s what I do as well. Just a good thing to pass along so other folks don’t have problems. Someone new would freak and be lost on how to get the code out. Great vid by the way.

    Shane - January 6, 2010

    True. I didn’t really mention anything like that in the video, so thanks for pointing it out. :)

Rolf - September 30, 2010


Thanks again for a good video!

Your teaching style is very precise and to the point and it really works for me.

I like SEOQuake a lot. I strip off some of the information because it is much. It is a nice feature that you easily can switch it on and off.

I have one opinion about no-follow links.

I do not care if they are no-follow or not!

If it is a good blog and a good post I do comment on it if I am allowed to.

I am counting on that the Real Humans reading my post will become interested enough to find out more about what I have to say and go to my website. It is just good to brand myself also this way.

I value this kind of traffic 10x higher than because the Real Humans already know me a little when they come to my site. It is not something that the cat of Google dragged in from the lower docks at the harbor.

Anyway, I have noticed that when I visit some sites I do not get any information at all from Quake.

Is there a way to conceal this information somehow / like a privacy measure so to speak?

Best wishes


S. Mansfield - June 8, 2011

Excellent Video. Since I work with SEO, but am new to it, I use your video to send screenshots of SEO Quake info and hyperlink your video to teach them about the report. It is so much easier than explaining in an email.

I have clients all the time send me an example of a page they love and that their friends tells them is a gold mine, then I run SEO Quake and its a flop statistically. That is always uncomfortable lol.

Anyway just wanted to send you some props!

Christian - January 3, 2013

seo quake makes it so google asks you if you are human how do you stop this problem


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