SEO Q&A #1: Transferring PageRank to a New Site

Welcome to the unimaginatively named “SEO Q&A” feature on IM Impact!

I’ve decided to take some of the SEO related questions I get in my inbox and make video replies to publish, so that more people can benefit from the Q&A.

Here’s the first video in the series, which is about transferring PageRank and search rankings from one existing site to a new site:

Quite interesting that I received this question right around the time I was moving from RichQuickReview to IM Impact.

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Samith - November 24, 2010

Hi Shane,

An excellent Q&A. I was actually curious how you went about transporting your site but it’s something I’m not eager to do anytime soon lol. I appreciated your comments about targeting long tail keywords domain vs the idea of branding. I’ve noticed with a couple of my sites the feeling of being unable to expand the site much. I also felt better that onpage and offpage seo is much more important than the domain title. It’s crazy but I’m only just starting to understand the importance of on page SEO espeically since I’ve using tools like market samurai and traffic travis.

wishing you much success


P.s Do you have any material so far on painfully specific on-page SEO optimisation?

    Shane - November 25, 2010

    thanks for your comment!
    I’m still doing one fairly extensive test on on-page SEO that I’ll hopefully have a report/review on soon.
    Apart from that, I haven’t done much on on-page SEO.
    Check out Andy William’s site for more info on that (ezseonews.com).

mike - December 5, 2010

What great information. I didn’t think you could transfer page rank. Sound like a lot of work but it would be worth it.

You have a lot of great stuff on this site.

Thank you,


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