Selling Physical Products the Digital Way – Podcast with Matt Carter

In today’s podcast episode, we catch up with Matt Carter, a marketing multi-talent from New Zealand.

Not unlike myself, he used to specialize in SEO, but started changing strategies and business models, when sweeping changes by Google started to change the SEO game. Interestingly, he went in a very different direction from myself and in his typical fashion, managed to uncover some new trends and opportunities and capitalize on them very quickly.

Check out this episode to learn about the systems Matt has created for himself and see how you can sell physical products (even your very own physical products), without having to get your hands dirty…

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David - March 17, 2014

I’m been following Matt since he released SEO Experts Academy back in 2011 – he’s a smart marketer!

People should not under estimate the difficulties in sourcing quality products.

    Shane - March 19, 2014

    Yep, he’s definitely one of the smartest guys in the game. Always good to catch up with Matt.

Gun Hudson - July 18, 2016

Only just listened to this interview in 2016, and it’s quite cool to hear that exactly what you predicted Shane is happening right now on Amazon with people feeling vulnerable to Amazon’s algorithm and the solutions you suggested to those problems also holding true :)


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