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Mark Trueman - February 28, 2013

Hey Shane,

I’ve been wanting to try out Rescue time for a while now and I just bought it a week ago, and everything you’ve mentioned in this video is absolutely true. Even if you are not trying to be more productive, just getting this somehow makes you more productive.

– Mark T.

Alex - February 28, 2013

I’ve hugely enjoyed this series Shane – much to my surprise! Rescue time sounds like it could be seriously embarrassing when you can see just how much time you are losing.

I know how much comparing the traffic on my sites with Statcounter has affected my priorities and this could be even worse – oops, better.

Thanks a lot



    Shane - February 28, 2013

    Thanks, Alex!

    It really can be a bit brutal, but that’s also what makes it so effective. When you have that “I spent HOW much time refreshing my stats?” moment, you’ll start to think twice before doing it again. Keep in mind: RescueTime also tracks the time you spend checking your RescueTime stats, so there’s no escape. :)

Tommy - February 28, 2013

Shane, check out Great app to help you remember follow ups right in the inbox.

    Shane - February 28, 2013

    Thanks, Tommy!
    I recently bookmarked that thinking I should check it out, then forgot about it again… making a note right now so it won’t happen again. :)

Martin - February 28, 2013

I agree, I don’t know if I can handle the truth.

By the way, see you are using a green screen. The production values on your videos keep improving (when you are not doing a webinar from a spare closet :-))

    Shane - February 28, 2013

    Hey, nothing against my awesome office closet! :D

    Thanks! I’m always working on improving my videos, so I’m very happy to get feedback like this. Need to find a way to get better sound quality, next.

      Xenia - February 7, 2014

      Really enjoying this series Shane. I am actually going to pass on your email and this link! Thank you.
      Your sound seems fine to me and aren’t you using the Rode microphone anymore?

      Cheers Xenia

      Shane - February 21, 2014

      In this video, I was using a shotgun microphone, mounted on the camera (also from Rode). It’s decent, but to my ears, the quality is way lower than when I record with the Podcaster Mic. Unfortunately, I’ve become overly sensitive to video and audio quality and I can’t really hear and see video like a “normal” person anymore… so what might sound like a big difference in sound quality to me could be practically indistinguishable to most of the people actually watching the video.

Kevin - February 28, 2013

Shane, I really enjoy and appriciate App of the Week and I am going to install and use RescueTime. I agree with you on the “mental switch” as well as getting away from the computer from time to time. RescueTime is going to be interesting and useful.
BTW, how or where would you like an idea for the App of the week to be submitted?

Thanks again for all your help and excellent information.

    Shane - February 28, 2013

    Thanks, Kevin!

    You can suggest an app right here, in the comments or you can send an email reply to any of the mails I send out, as well.

Mike - February 28, 2013

I really like using Trello ( – It’s very quick and easy to use. I just wish they would add a timer function so you can keep track of how long you spend on each task.

There is a workaround to this – combining the Harvest Chrome extension with Trello:

Harvest, unfortunately, is not free.

    Shane - March 8, 2013

    Thanks, Mike!

    I tested both Trello and Asana, for a while. For the way I organize my business, Asana won the upper hand, but I can imagine that for certain cases, Trello would be better suited. Probably comes down to preference.

dan - February 28, 2013

Hi Shane

i suggest you take a look at Day One – – the perfect diary app for Mac and iOS that works for business and personal life(thanks fo rthe long-awaited Tags). You might fell in love… i did!

Oakland - March 1, 2013

Thanks much. Anything to be more productive is a good thing. Will give it a go.

Johnn - March 1, 2013

This is a good one for timeboxing your email use:

Dave - March 1, 2013

Giving this a go. Thanks.

Stan - March 2, 2013

Hmm. So how does Rescue Time deal with a) multitasking: going back & forth between programs repeatedly over a period of time b) programs that are running in the background, 24 hours a day (SE Nuke, Tube Fool….)? And finally, does it also log how much time you spend analyzing your Rescue Time charts?

    Shane - March 2, 2013

    RescueTime always tracks whatever application or tab is active. So, if you have three browser tabs open, something running in the background and you’re switching back and forth between Excel and one of the browser tabs: Excel is tracked whenever that’s the active window and the browser tab is tracked whenever that’s the active window.

    And yes, it also tracks how much time you spend in the RescueTime dashboard. :)

Richard - March 2, 2013

RescueTime looks very interesting, Shane.

But I want to point out a potential hazard. For some, the most valuable time is the time used thinking. For example, a writer, an inventor, a computer programmer and sometimes marketers, too.

Creativity does not respond well to attempts at efficiency. There have been plenty of studies that indicate a relaxed state of mind and a sense of having all the time one needs is most conducive to the creative act.

By all means, I want to be more efficient and more productive in *some* areas, and I may try it.

But just one really great idea can make up for a lot of “wasted” time.

Just something to keep in mind.

    Stan - March 2, 2013

    Absolutely right, but…. My most creative moments occur in the half hour before I’m fully awake, and in the bathroom. My semi-creative moments occur when I’m putting my thoughts to paper with pen. My least creative moments occur when I’m actually working on the computer. For me, creativity = thinking outside of the screen. However, actualizing my ideas & inspirations still requires efficient use of computer time. So there’s a definite role for time management systems.

      Steve Pots - March 6, 2013

      Good point Stan. I need to step away from my computer and try creative thinking away from the screen too. I find myself spending too much time reading other peoples creative thoughts online.

    Shane - March 8, 2013

    Thanks, Richard! You make a very good point indeed.

Earl Netwal - March 2, 2013

Thanks again for another great tip. Not that I ever waste time. :) Looking forward to putting it to work for me.

Jens Elmera - February 20, 2014

Just when I was going to skip past this email…glad I opened it up and will definitely look for more…I needed this app


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