Link Love Friday #05

Every Friday, I list all of the best sites, articles, and cool stuff I found online about online marketing. The emphasis here is on quality over quantity, so you might not find a ton of links, but their all worth following.

See this weeks selection after the break.

  • Affiliate Hijacking and Other Cheats – Affiliate Beginners Guide
    This is quite an extensive roundup of things that can go wrong with affiliate links and payments. From Hijacking to bait-and-switch commissions, this article informs you how you can get cheated out of your well-earned commission and offers some pointers as to how you can protect yourself.
  • How Search Engines Evaluate Links – SEOmoz
    Seems like I find at least one article really worth linking to on SEOmoz every week. This one is a very well explained run-down of how link-value is determined by search engines. Read it and learn the difference between good links and bad links (and everything in between).
  • John Reese, Frank Kern and Tony Robbins
    These three uber-Gurus get together and have an “interview”. At least, that’s what the description says. In effect, it’s mainly Tony Robbins doing his thing. Still, it’s interesting to watch. Maybe not quite as much for information as for entertainment value, but that’s not to say there isn’t some good info in it.

And that’s it for this weeks little roundup. I hope you enjoy the links and have a wonderful weekend.




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