Internet Marketing is Dead

Just a quick post: I was over at the Traffic Café and saw something I just had to re-blog, because I like it so much. By the way, if you haven’t already, go over to the Traffic Café and subscribe to that blog. It’s one of the gems out there, run by Jonathan Gunson, who gave this awesome interview here on RQR, not too long ago.

Anyway, on to the actual topic. About once a month, something or other happens, that gets a lot of people all worried about the “end of online marketing”! Be it a new feature Google introduces (personalized search, anybody?), some rules changing (e.g. new Facebook advertisement rules), marketer’s accounts getting banned (AdWords, Blogger,…) or anything else along those lines. Whenever something like that happens, you can count on a lot of wailing about how the days of making easy money online are finally counted etc. etc.

Well, here’s an interesting counter-argument:

Is this thing accurate? I don’t know.

Is it a good illustration of the fact that the Internet is simply far too vast for the human mind to comprehend and that opportunities for businesses and growth are mind-bogglingly numerous? Hell yes!



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A Maui Blog - May 11, 2010

Yes, that’s a great illustration tool. I will be introducing Social Media to the Chamber of Commerce board here and I’d use this post as one of my illustration. Thanks! :)


    Shane - May 11, 2010

    Hi Liza,

    Well, I’m glad you found it here! Gotta thank the guy who made it, though. Really cool idea and very well implemented, as well. :)


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