What You Can Learn from a Local Gardening Business – IMP#32

In today’s podcast episode is based on a reader question sent in by Debra. If I tell you that her business is in the home gardening niche and that it’s a highly localized topic, you’ll probably think that whatever’s in this episode doesn’t apply to your business.

However, as you’ll hear, the underlying principles of the 3 steps we look at in this podcast apply to any business model. No matter how far removed your niche is from that of gardening, you’ll be able to grow your business based on what you learn in this episode:

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What are your thoughts on this episode? Do you have questions about how to apply the methods to your own business? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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I'm Shane Melaugh and I'm the guy writing most of the posts on this blog. My goal is to provide you with useful, straight-forward insights on how to grow your business by creating compelling offers, driving traffic and increasing conversions.

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Jim - December 6, 2014

I’ve found that offering an information product that’s text (eBook, white paper, etc.) is fine, but you can increase the perceived value by adding something else with it. That can be something as simple as the audio version of the text, a supplement audio, etc.

For some people, video (even screen recordings) are something that they find difficult to put together. An audio file, however, isn’t “tech heavy” for most beginners. Although it all takes practice before you feel comfortable putting the product together, it really does get easier with each subsequent effort.

    Shane - December 8, 2014

    Yes, this is a great point, Jim! Multi-media stuff automatically has a higher perceived value than “just” a PDF. You can also see this in the prices of books vs. audio-books.

Debra - December 6, 2014

Shane, thanks so much for discussing my questions on this podcast. I had really thought that I needed to decide on one or the other option. You really opened my eyes to the possibility of doing both. And I definitely agree with your emphasis on focusing on one at a time!

I’ve just finished writing an ebook on the most popular topic on my website, and now I’ll start working on the beginner’s online course. You couldn’t have offered your new Apprentice feature at a better time for me! I’m thrilled! Thanks so much for everything that you and your team do. I find both the software and the training incredibly helpful.

    Shane - December 8, 2014

    I’m very happy to know that you found this reply useful, Debra! And thanks for adding to my site with an excellent question. It’s always most interesting to learn about and help out people who are already making it happen on their own.

Libby Webb - December 6, 2014

Hi Shane! Love this episode! I’ve been in a similar situation with my business also as a restaurant owner and self marketer of our business. I’ve been thinking of different ideas for an info product and something local but struggling with who to focus on. Love the idea of doing both. Thanks so much for all your great advice.


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