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SEO Blueprint Review

SEO Blueprint is a collection of link-building tools that I already briefly mentioned in my IM-Advantage review, as they are part of that membership. SEO Blueprint consist of three tools: Blog Blueprint, Article Blueprint and Link Blueprint. All of them offer different ways to build backlinks to sites you want to promote. The question is: Are those backlinks any good and are these tools worth the investment?

Read on to find out.

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The Link Juicer Review

The Link Juicer is a link-building service that promises to deliver lots of backlinks from a variety of sources in a highly automated fashion. Getting your sites backlinked automatically without you having to do anything is always an attractive premise and as the name of the product implies, if it works, it can be a nice tap of “link-juice” that you can add to your arsenal of backlinking tools.

The only question is: Does it work well enough to justify a purchase?

Read on to learn how the Link Juicer works and what kind of results I got with it.

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The End is Nigh! (Google Instant)

Google recently introduced the “Instant” search feature. In case you haven’t seen it, that’s because it isn’t available in all countries and it only works for logged-in users.

What Google Instant does is display search results as you are typing your query. It’s basically the next step up from the auto-suggestions box. Now, instead of only auto-suggesting possible keywords, it actually displays the full search results for the top listed auto-suggest keyword, even before you hit “enter”.

And with a change such as this, there is, of course, lots of wailing about how this is the end of SEO and how Google hates affiliates and so on and so forth.

Is there really a reason to panic? Is this the end of SEO or will it at least mean significant changes in the way we do SEO? Well, I don’t know, but below are some things you need to consider…

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Backlinks Hydra Review

Welcome to my Backlinks Hydra review. Hydra is the newest product by Terry Kyle, who’s one of the two guys behind the backlinks forum, the guy behind the famous “60 day backlinks experiment” on the Warrior Forum and an all-around SEO and link-building Ninja.

This review, as you may have already noted, is quite unusual for me, since I’ve been concentrating on tools and software almost exclusively (after I was almost constantly disappointed with the info-products on making money online).

Backlinks Hydra is an info product. But it’s different from most info-products in two significant ways: 1) it’s very specific. It’s not about how to make money online in general, but rather it’s about high-end, state-of-the-art, advanced (not to say extreme) link-building. 2) It’s awesome (sorry if I just spoilered the ending of the review, here).

Read on to see what it’s all about…

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Interview With Terry Kyle – SEO and Linkbuilding Expert

Terry KyleHere’s an awesome interview with Terry Kyle, one of the two owners of the Backlinks Forum and the creator of Backlinks Hydra, which is easily the most advanced and most innovative backlink building guide available anywhere.

In the interview, Terry reveals some of his coolest methods for building backlinks and talks about what you can do to win the (often difficult) battle for that number one position, even for pretty tough keywords. He also talks about some of his experiences with buying aged, high-PR domains and and different ways to utilize these for backlink building.


Listen to the interview here:

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Want to learn more from Terry Kyle?
Click here to grab your copy of Backlinks Hydra!


Google Keyword Tool: Huge Drop in Search Volume Numbers

An interesting and, as far as I know, unannounced change has just taken place with the Google Keyword Research Tool: If you go and check the search volumes for your targeted keywords, you’ll likely find that all of the numbers are far lower now than they were before.

The change affects all search volume numbers. The ones we’re interested in for SEO purposes are generally the exact match volumes, though. In some cases, the drop in search volume is dramatic, with numbers being only fractions of what they were just a few hours or days ago and in other cases the changes are less dramatic. From the quick scan I had through my keywords list, it seemes that all of the search volume numbers dropped by at least 50%.

So, what’s going on, here?

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SERPAssist Review

This review has been a long time coming. SERPAssist has easily been one of the most in-demand and most talked-about link-building tools since it was released and I’ve never before had so many people specifically request I review a particular product.

So, what’s so special about SERPAssist? Is it just another gimmick or can it truly set itself apart from other link-builders? And is it poweful enough to compete with (or even surpass) SENuke?

Read on to get the full scope.

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