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Awesome Products + Instant Commissions = Everybody Wins!

We’re offering instant commissions on one of our products for the first time. If you’re interested in promoting Hybrid Connect, the best, highest-converting WordPress list-building plugin on the market, you can sign up right here, right now:

Click here to get your affiliate link.

December Promotion Contest!

Here are the prizes up for grabs:

1st, 2nd and 3rd Affiliate to Reach 5 Sales:

$100 cash bonus plus 10% commission bump for all future sales!

1st and 2nd Affiliate to Reach $1000 in Sales:

$200 cash bonus!

1st Affiliate to Reach $5000 in Sales:

$1000 cash bonus!

As you can see, the prizes are set up in such a way that small and big affiliates have equal chances of getting a bonus. This isn’t one of those affiliate contests where it’s just the “top dogs” sending each other presents.

Getting five sales doesn’t take much traffic, so if you start promoting now, your chances of getting one of the three spots are very good!

In addition to the $100 bonus, you’ll also get a 10% commission bump, so that you’ll make more on any future sales of Hybrid Connect!

In total, you can get all three bonuses, which will earn you the commission bump and a total of $1300 in bonuses, on top of the commissions you’ll already be receiving anyway.


If you’ve promoted for us in the past, we will approve you for instant commissions. If you are new to promoting our products, there will be a 30 day delay in commission payouts until you’ve referred at least 4 non-refunded sales. This is just a measure to keep scammers out. It’s our goal to get you those instant commissions as quickly as possible.

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Paul Shakuri - December 2, 2013

Hey Shane, Im Just getting started with my affiliate network, this is my first product i really want to push, because of the success i had with it, the was of use.

Thanks For your dedicated commitment to adding value to other peoples lives.

Marcus - May 17, 2014

Hi Shane Looking forward to selling your products.

Regards Marcus

Chris Naish - May 30, 2014

Hey Shane,

Can’t wait to get going, I think you’ll like my new(?) and original way of selling your product buddy. ;-)


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