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Welcome to this review and report on 1 In a Million Ecovers. This is going to be slightly different than my usual reviews and you’ll see why in just a minute.

1 In a Million Ecovers is a collection of Photoshop action scripts that help you create all sorts of e-cover graphics for spicing up your landing pages and making product offers more enticing.  In today’s article, I’ve added two videos: The first one shows off how the action scripts work and the second one is about what kind of an effect adding a cover image has on conversion rates.

Video 1: Demonstration

In this video, you’ll see a quick demonstration of how the 1 In a Million Ecovers scripts work and what kind of cover graphics you can create with them.

Video 2: Conversion Rates

Here, I share some of the results I got from testing landing pages with and without e-cover graphics on them. I also share something that can make a big difference to everyone giving away free reports as a lead-magnet.


As I stated in the second video, for me there’s no question about using 1 In a Million Ecovers. It allows me to create several versions of a cover graphic very quickly, that I can then use for some split-testing and website optimization. And particularly since my tests always showed an increase in conversions from using graphics (albeit sometimes only a small one), it’s something I definitely want to include wherever possible. Hope you enjoyed this slightly different review style. :) Cheers,


I'm Shane Melaugh and I'm the guy writing most of the posts on this blog. My goal is to provide you with useful, straight-forward insights on how to grow your business by creating compelling offers, driving traffic and increasing conversions.

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Rusty Ferguson - May 16, 2012

I read a few days ago I read that a small pamphlet type cover increases conversions. That really surprises me. But the reason you gave is the same one the other person gave.

Me, I like substantial. I wonder if it makes any difference for a paid product vs a free product.

I bet it really makes a difference on a $2000 product but we are seeing less of those these days. :)

I can’t use this one right now because it doesn’t work with CS3 :(



    Shane - May 16, 2012

    With a paid product, I’d reckon that the more expensive it is, the more an expansive visual representation of the product will help. I’ve never tested this, though.


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